My business has really taken off in the past year, thanks in large part to Petsitting.com. The leads are well worth the investment; most become loyal clients who call me again and again. I have found that the customer support at Petsitting.com is excellent, and my Account Manager is attentive, well-informed, and incredibly personable and helpful. Most importantly, my clients are happy with their Petsitting.com experience as well, which makes me look good. I would whole-heartedly recommend Petsitting.com to any Pet Care professional looking to grow their business

Gardner’s Dog & Cat Care LLC Sue Gardner, New York

At the beginning of joining with Petsitting.com I had many reservations as I am a very skeptical person, but it only took me a short time to realize that it is the very best way to advertise and will forever be grateful to them for the nicest customers I have. Also my account manager has been very accommodating.

Elite Pet Sitters, Florida Donna and Tony

I’ve been using the lead generation service at petsitting.com for just over a year now for my pet waste removal service. I have to say that I’m very pleased so far with the results. I’m able to turn enough of those leads into regular weekly customers that the service more than pays for itself! I have received the occasional bad lead which was promptly investigated and refunded. Customer service is right on top of it too. I see no reason to let go of the service. Just do like Ron Popeil says, “set it and forget it.” That’s what I do and the service takes care of itself. Highly recommended!

Lyle, Pennsylvania Poo-Poo Pros

I just want to send Petsitting.com a thank you for everything you have done for me and my business. I have been closing a strong % of my leads, which has been fantastic!!! I am now at the point where I am absolutely booked up and need to start looking for new hires to keep up with the demand. Thank you again for everything you have done to help make Champion Pet Care a success!

Nathan, Illinois Champion Pet Care

I am so happy I decided to sign up with Petsitting.com. I would say at least 60% of the leads I have gotten have become steady clients. It’s become my most reliable way to generate new business!

Amy, Massachusetts Pup Scouts Doggie Day Camp

I’ve been partners with petsitting.com for over a year and it’s been a great experience! The leads they help us get have helped us grow our business to more than double what we did the year before! It does take quick responses and keeping up with the leads but it all pays off. The price is reasonable and the customer service is always happy to help. Sign up and don’t look back!!

Alexander Raboin, Virginia Good Dog Pet Care

My new business was struggling when I started back in 2009. Then Petsitting.com contacted me. I have been able to capitalize on most of the leads I’ve been sent. I have tried all the sites to obtain business, but Petsitting.com has provided me with the best ROI. I have had to add staff to cover walks and pet sitting I couldn’t handle alone. Any leads that were not credible were deducted from my monthly invoice without question. Thanks to Petsitting.com my business is thriving.

Kathy O’Brien, Illinois The Irish Sitter

Petsitting.com has been great for our business! We enrolled in their program 9 months ago, and the leads they have provided have brought in an average of 3-5 new clients per month. I have been happy with the excellent service they provide and look forward to continuing to gain new clients from their program. Thank you Petsitting.com!

Debbie Warden Fetch! Pet Care of North Atlanta

Just a quick note to thank you for the opportunity to partner with you! I have purchased leads from Petsitting.com for several months now and have had phenomenal success with the quality of the leads and the results have been fantastic! One Pet Parent, in particular, has become a regular as he travels frequently. I absolutely recommend your service to any pet sitting company. Keep ‘em coming!

Tori Levitt, Arizona Doolittle’s Doghouse

Our experience with Petsitting.com has been great. We have had an almost 1000% ROI from the total leads we have received. Also, if there is ever an issue with a lead not being genuine, the company quickly issues a credit so we are not billed for it. Our sales person checks in often to see how things are going which assures me that we are in good hands.

Anne Lesemann, California Home Buddies Roseville

Petsitting.com has been a worthwhile investment in our case. Several clients we gained from leads through Petsitting.com spent far more on their pet care reservations than what we paid for the lead, and at least two of those clients became regular clients who use our services at least once a month. I am also satisfied with the quality of customer service I’ve received from the individuals at Petsitting.com. My emails and phone calls are always returned immediately and I feel my questions and concerns are addressed appropriately.

Gretchen Rexach, California Home Buddies Burbank

Petsitting.com has been a great help matching us up with quality pet sitting, dog walking and dog training leads. They have generated some wonderful clients for us and we’re so glad that we are using this service! The Petsitting.com team has been great to work with – both friendly, flexible and responsive. I highly recommend you discuss your needs with them and they will tailor a program that works for you!

Marcy Piasecki, California Home Buddies La Jolla

When I signed up with Petsitting.com, I was skeptical and told to be cautious. An account representative contacted me and spent the time to answer every question I had, and I had a lot. When I get a lead, I call on it right away. The client is almost always outspoken about how happy they are with such a quick response. I have easily added to my clientele thanks to Petsitting.com and am very comfortable knowing that if I have a question or a concern, they are only a call or email away. They have always met or exceeded my expectations!

Karen C. Brewer, Massachusetts Home Buddies Boston NW

We’re so glad to have found Petsitting.com! Most of our best/return clients have come from the leads we have received from them. Their customer service is always great. They respond right away to any requests/issues we have (which aren’t many). I would highly recommend their service to anyone in the pet care business. The return on your small investment will be well worth it!

Lanette Hall, California Tail Wagger Pet Care

If you’re in the pet sitting business and you’re not using Petsitting.com you’re missing one of the best opportunities for return on investment for your marketing dollars. They deliver solid leads from customers who are actively looking for a pet sitter at that moment and there is no better lead than that. So far I’m averaging 50% closing rate on their leads. That’s the best return on money spent among all my marketing tools. Beyond their solid leads I’ve found them very responsive to all requests and customer service needs.

David Loignon, Kentucky Home Buddies Louisville

I am so grateful for the services Petsitting.com has provided. As a new business owner in the industry, I have had to build my clientele from the ground up. I’ve tried various methods, but Petsitting.com has given me the greatest ROI. The majority of my best clients have come from Petsitting.com. Their customer service and staff are amazing – always quick, accurate and friendly. If you want to grow your business with high-quality clients, Petsitting.com will deliver!

Stephanie Digman, Georgia Alpha Dog Sitting

I am so grateful that Petsitting.com found me! Not only was my first lead high in quality, but the customer hired us mostly on the fact that we were associated with Petsitting.com! This really impressed me. My company now receives monthly leads from Petsitting.com (within our service area) which has really helped our business grow significantly. It also saves us time from weeding out cold calls. Every once in awhile I’ll receive an invalid lead and Petsitting.com refunds it for me with no hesitation. I hope to use Petsitting.com for years to come.

Laura M. Kieffer, New Jersey Your Family Pet Sitters

Petsitting.com has been a great asset to our company. We are only charged for the leads in our service area, so the service is a very cost effective way to get new clients. The leads are quickly sent to our email, and the clients are impressed when we respond so quickly. Each lead has detailed information on what the client is looking for, so we are prepared to answer any questions they may have. We especially love the email address and pet’s name, so we can follow up with a personalized email. Petsitting.com has paid for itself over and over again.

Randa Clark, Illinois Tailchasers Incorporated

We’ve been using Petsitting.com for our lead generation since January 2010. In the past 6 months, we’ve acquired 8 new clients who’ve generated several thousand dollars in revenue. We’ve well exceeded our costs associated with the client referral fees. We see about a 30% lead-to-client ratio. And those clients we work for through our Petsitting.com leads are quality clients who use our services frequently. We are very happy customers of Petsitting.com.

Cathy Vaughan, Texas Cathy’s Critter Care

Petsitting.com has increased our client basis by 36 paying clients in 6 months, and that’s just the beginning. Many of those clients continue to reserve again and again. The customer service is unsurpassed and personal. We’re extremely satisfied with the ROI and professional relationship with them – it’s been a profitable addition to our marketing efforts.

Beth, California We Serve Pets

In my first three months as a client of Petsitting.com their business leads have produced a higher ROI than my other internet advertising campaigns with a similar conversion rate. The company is easy to work with and has treated me fairly. Petsitting.com consistently appears high on the page in Google searches. I plan to continue with them as an additional lead source based on good ROI, ease of doing business with them and desire to keep good leads from other pet care businesses.

Brian Mueller, Texas Fetch! Pet Care of the Capital Area

We were using yellow pages paid advertising at $198.00 a month which we were getting over 1000 impressions but only 4 clicks and less phone calls. With Petsitting.com the client information is sent to your rather than trying to collect it yourself. It eliminates the possible clients time going down a list of calls on local searches, and it eliminates the owners time seeking out cost effective advertising methods while targeting those who are really ready to hire a pet sitter.At the current lead rate we can get 10 solid job leads that can last a life time for our same monthly rate with local search advertising. We are currently thinking about hiring more pet sitters to help assist with the volume created with Petsitting.com

Jenn Romanowski & Savanna Schuber, New Jersey & Pennsylvania Tailored Home Care, LLC

Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your attention to detail and professionalism. It is so appreciated in these times of questionable customer service.

Gregory Harding, California Premier Dog Walks

Petsitting.com has helped my business grow steadily! The leads come in fast and are easy to access whether you’re on your PC or your cell phone! 99% of our new customers are coming from Petsitting.com’s site and the best thing about it is I don’t have to do any of the marketing! Petsitting.com’s staff are friendly and always reply to emails or questions. This service is awesome! Thank you Petsitting.com!

Josie Hannebohn, Texas Pets R Us Pet Sitting Services

We have been using Petsitting.com for a year now and the results are amazing. We get every month at least 4 new clients for our pet care, that keep bringing income over and over. They are very professional, they respond fast and they offer support and advice. They are my number one advertising tool!

Mirna Pacheco, Washington 4 On The Floor

My business is new and with a small budget. Fortunately, because there is no minimum requirement, I’ve been able to keep it as affordable as I want it to be. So far I’ve gotten a fantastic start at getting new clients which has helped me tremendously. Really, it would be hard to find anything negative about Petsitting.com. Besides being affordable and flexible, I’ve been treated with genuine kindness with the gentleman who manages my account. It’s rare to find this kind of service today. Being a part of this network is a no-brainer. Thanks again!

Nathan Brooks, Texas Gold Collar Pet Services

I’ve been in business now for 2 years and Petsitting.com has proved to be the most effective means of advertising and least costly. My Petsitting.com account manager has been very attentive to all my concerns. I really can’t say anything bad about the service. It’s a win/win situation for all parties involved.

Jim Galvin, California Lots of Love Pet Care

I just want to say that I’m so happy I decided to join Petsitting.com. I have to admit I was skeptical at first, but once I got started I received really great leads every week and I already have several new clients so the lead fee is paid for over and over. If you’re trying to decide whether to join or not, stop trying to decide and just do it, it’s so worth it! This is a win win for every party involved. A special thanks to my account manager and a big thanks to Petsitting.com!!!

Elizabeth Schneider, New Jersey Pets Are People Too

Petsitting.com has helped me grow my pet sitting business and achieve my goals by providing me with quality leads to pet owners in my area who are actively seeking pet care. They are wonderful to work with and very responsive and service oriented which makes the whole process a delightful experience!They are now a part of my business and will be helping me to grow my business substantially in the New Year! I am so glad I signed up!

Deborah Brightstar, Arizona Doggie Diva Pet Care

The leads are actual customers, in my service area, and in need of services soon. Petsitting.com worked with me to identify areas of service that best suit our needs. The account staff is responsive to my requests in a timely manner. I feel confident that when I receive a lead from them, it is a strong lead that I should follow up on immediately. I have seen an excellent lead to customer ratio. I would recommend them highly! I will continue to use them to build my clientele.

Michelle Cohn, Maryland Tails on Trails

I have been very happy with the service from Petsitting.com. I like that you can control how much money you want to spend per month and pay only for real leads. For me it is so much better than a flat monthly rate that you may not even get one contact from. My account manager is very helpful and supportive. I really feel he wants me to close each lead as much as I want to. Thank you! I would strongly recommend Petsitting.com for advertising and growing your business.

Kay, California Pet Visiting

I have been buying leads from Petsitting.com for about 3 months now for my poop scooping company and have had incredible success converting the leads not just to a one time customer but into recurring weekly customers. The leads I get are very high quality and I receive them just minutes after they’re submitted, making them extremely hot leads and overall easy to convert into customers.

Joshua Bryan, Illinois Poop911 Chicago

Petsitting.com is by far the most productive service I have used for my business. I have been in business for 2 years and this has increased my client base quickly. My account manager has been with me every step of the way and always answers my questions in a timely manner. Also the company is honest, refunding “false” leads and keeping leads “capped” at the number I can afford. I am extremely satisfied and don’t need to waste any money on “other” expensive advertising which was not getting even a quarter of the results I’m getting with Petsitting.com Jason loves dogs and Jason loves Petsitting.com!!!!!

Jason Bloom, Illinois Jason Loves Dogs Jasonlovesdogs.com

As a small business owner, I’m very particular about where I spend my marketing dollars, and I’m very pleased with the quality of the leads I get from Petsitting.com. Not all leads convert into a new client, or even result in a phone conversation, (false leads are taken care of quickly and refunded) but certainly there are enough strong leads that do that makes this company absolutely worth it. My account manager is customer-service driven and highly responsive. I won’t hesitate to add to this part of my marketing budget as I expand.

Janet Spiegel, California Pooch Buddies

I have used Petsitting.com since April 2010. I got 12 new customers from them in 7 months. You only pay for legitimate referrals. They are very good about refunding if something was wrong with the lead. August through October, I was really busy and couldn’t take any more clients and they had no problem putting my account on hold until I could handle it again. When I have one-off scenarios or problematic leads I call my account manager to investigate further and they are very good & fair with refunding poor leads. I have made my money back tenfold with Petsitting.com!

Kira Barnett, Colorado High Plains Tailblazers

Happy Paws is a family owned business here in the Orange County CA area and we wanted to give Petsitting.com a big “Thank you” for the clients they have brought our business. We will continue using their services for a long time!

Lisa Daly, California Happy Paws Pet Sitting

We have been using Petsitting.com for the past six months, and we couldn’t be more pleased. The service is wonderful and has generated many new recurring clients. Not only have we received multiple clients, the service we receive from Petsitting.com is just great. They are very fair, professional, and genuinely take an interest in making your business more profitable. I look forward to utilizing Petsitting.com for many years to come.

Melissa Majeski, Michigan Fetch! Pet Care Royal Oak

Using Petsitting.com is a No Brainer. This is the best kind of advertising because we only pay if we get valid leads. Since we signed up, we’ve received 29 leads, eight of which turned into lessons. That’s $5,373 of revenue from $580 in leads, for an ROI of 926 percent! For the life of us, we can’t figure out why some Bark Busters aren’t taking advantage of this.

John & Lisa Lieberman Bark Busters Oakland County Michigan

It’s been a pleasure working with the Petsitting.com team. I got connected with them as part of the Bark Busters/Petsitting pilot and booked 3 lessons from 7 leads. Since we’ve gone live, I continue to book about 30% of my Petsitting.com leads and find the cost per lead a good value.They run a professional organization which is demonstrated by an easy-to-use product and effective customer support. I look forward to a continued profitable relationship with Petsitting.com.

Mark Lieberman Bark Busters Westchester-Putnam New York

Although we haven’t seen a great # of leads in our 6 months using Petsitting.com, we have closed 25% of their leads thus far. The last one has worked out well, as the client is a professional golfer whom we otherwise would not have met.

Colin Glass Bark Busters Naples Florida

I just completed my first month of referrals from Petsitting.com and I am happy to report I had three referrals and one of them converted to a paid lifetime lesson. Getting set up with Petsitting.com was easy and I look forward to this extra source of leads and the opportunity for additional revenue.

Lynne Willeke Bark Busters Minneapolis Minnesota

I have been using Petsitting.com for a couple of months and it has been an outstanding partner for our company Woof 4 Walks. Leads are quickly received and it makes it easier for us to call the new client right away. The staff and specially my account manager are very responsive, professional and hassle free. All my requests are answered in a timely manner and that is how I like to run my business. I highly recommend them.

Maricia Santillan, Virginia Woof 4 Walks

Petsitting.com has referred several customers to me in the past year. I have secured five clients who yielded more than $2,000 in business. A funny anecdote is that I advertise with post cards to new residents. One of those clients came to me via Petsitting.com, although I know they got my post card. For the cost and return on investment, I have found Petsitting.com to be a good lead generator even if all of the leads don’t work out. I have certainly earned more than I have paid to Petsitting.com. I recommend Petsitting.com to anyone who would like more business.

Beth Crosby, South Carolina Great & Small Pet Sitting

I am quite happy with Petsitting.com‘s lead service. Prior to the recent upgrade of listing the services who will receive the client’s request, the percentage of closed bookings wasn’t very good, however, now that potential clients are advised of who received their request and given their names and contact numbers, I am pleased to report that the percentage of closed bookings has increased! I am pleased with the great customer service I get from my account manager, as well as the fees. I think the fees are quite reasonable considering that the leads can give you repeat business. Thank you to all at Petsitting.com!Linda, California ChloeCare Pet Sitting Services